Voices Visible Student Writing Contest!!!

Once again, the BCTELA student writing contest is open for entries!! Please spread the word to your colleagues!

Selected winners will have their writing published in Voices Visible and will receive a copy. It is an exciting way for B.C. learners to have an authentic experience with writing and being published!

The submission deadline is April 30, 2019.

You must be a BCTELA member to have your students entries qualify. You can join online through this website, or go to the BCTF website and choose BCTELA as a your PSA for only $35 for the year (payment is through BCTF).

Two options for submitting:

  1. Paper copy
  2. Or go to this URL:

Download (PDF, 169KB)

2 thoughts on “Voices Visible Student Writing Contest!!!

  1. Hello,
    I have students submitting to voices visible and am away at a conference. Are they able to submit their pieces with the application form complete except for my signature?
    Thanks a lot,
    Ashley House

    • Hello. The committee receiving submissions has said if your students could simply write on the signature line, “teacher permission via email April 27th” that would work. 🙂 Hope my reply isn’t too late!

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