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Inaugural BCTELA Provincial Book Club

To celebrate our upcoming October conference keynote speaker, we will be reading Chris Tovani’s book So What do They Really Know? We invite BCTELA members across the province to join us in reading this text in preparation for the October PSA professional day. Participants will receive a copy of So What do They Really Know? to read over the next few months. Members of the BCTELA executive will host a web-based discussion on Elluminate for all participants in late September and a Twitter chat in October, prior to the conference. Continue reading

Instructional ideas for working with social justice poetry text sets by Starleigh Grass

My favorite poems tend to be poems which have a social justice theme. Social justice poems engage me because by highlighting specific injustices they act as catalysts which help me imagine a more just and equitable world. The only thing better than a poem with a social justice theme is a text set of poems on a specific social justice theme!

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60 Seconds to Create Change

A Universal Declaration of Human Rights Video Project

by Linda Mei
BCTELA Executive Member

Initially, I had envisioned a relatively small project that should take no more than six or seven classes.  The digital media project on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) ended up taking a month to complete, and reinforced the value of 21st Century learning for me. Continue reading