Book club Twitter chats – my strategy

submitted by Kelley Inden (@ksinden)

I figured I would share how I go about participating in a book club chat on Twitter. My guess is that there is a better way, perhaps even ‘an app for that’, but here is how I do it. Please feel free to pass along your own wisdom in the comments section.

Obviously, I first read the book and take note of where my attention is snagged. Sometimes I use post-it notes to hold my thinking, or I write in the book if it belongs to me. With this one, I bought the book on my e-reader, so I just used the bookmark and notes function.

Next, I open my Twitter account and open up a new tweet. I compose each tweet in that box to ensure the character count is accurate, and then cut and paste the tweet into a Pages or Word document.


Medicine Walk quote2

When the Twitter chat commences, I select and tweet as seems appropriate.

I find that during the chat I don’t have the time to compose more than responses to other people’s ideas. If I have something I want to be sure to share, having the tweets ready to go is the only way for me.

Hope to chat with you on Sunday!

Preparing for the #bctelabook club chat

This Sunday brings our first book club twitter chat about a work of fiction. Chatting about Medicine Walk will be a different experience from our previous chats about professional texts. As you finish the novel and prepare your thoughts for sharing, consider these prompts and provocations:

  • How might stories have the power to heal, in both their telling and hearing?
  • What is the relationship between land and place, and memory?
  • Do the stories about our past need to come from our blood-relations?
  • For whom is the “medicine walk,” really? Are there more multiple walks being taken?
  • What other texts would you group with Medicine Walk?
  • …and other thoughts or questions you have are most welcome

We are looking forward to meeting you online, or in person for those who will get together in preparation for the twitter chat.
Happy Reading!

In-person gathering: 9:30-11am, March 8th, Pleasant Beans coffee house, 39 Kingsway, Vancouver (attached to the Mount Pleasant Community Centre). Or there might be one in your community: ask around!
Twitter chat: 11am-12noon, March 8th, online, hashtag #bctelabook.

In-Person Book Club Chats

Medicine Walk’s richness in themes and ideas may need more room for discussion than twitter can offer. In honour of Wagamese’s work, as well as our varied learning styles, BCTELA executive members Celia Brogan and Pamela Richardson will host a get-together for a BCTELA book club discussion prior to the twitter chat on March 8th.
All are welcome to come!

The get-together will be at a coffee shop called Pleasant Beans, at the corner of Kingsway and E 8th ave, in the Mount Pleasant community Centre in Vancouver from 9:30 to 11am.  Folks are welcome to stay together for the twitter chat from 11am-noon.

Are you thinking of hosting your own get-together at a coffee shop or library in your town?  Please let us know!

Persona Spoken Word Poetry Event

BCTELA is happy to share this exciting event with you:

The Surrey English Teachers’ Association presents

Stepping Outside Ourselves: the Persona Spoken Word Poem Performance & Workshop

with Lucia Misch & Johnny MacRae



13530 72nd AVENUE

9:30 AM TO 1:00 PM

“Stepping Outside Ourselves” is a spoken word poetry workshop focused on writing in one of the most popular spoken word forms, persona poems. Facilitators Lucia Misch and Johnny MacRae will guide participants through exercises that emphasize both performance and writing. Beginning with a general overview of spoken word and a performance of their own work in the persona genre, Lucia and Johnny will focus on a variety of areas related to persona poetry and poetry more generally, including principles such as active language and writing for the senses, poetic devices such as personification and metaphorical conceit, or skills such as character performance.

For further information, here is the Persona Poetry Event poster.


To reserve a space in this workshop email

Send cheque (payable to Surrey English Teachers) for $25 to Dave Ellison @ City Central Learning Centre (courier #574)

Story and the landscapes of learning

How does place shape us? What does it mean for our practice? What kinds of learning experiences do we owe our students so they can see themselves in the world? How can we help them write about their own sense of home and identity?

Powerful stories are located in our personal and social geographies. Our stories are shaped by our geographies, and our individual and shared experiences. Come explore the role of place in informing our stories, our literacies and our practice.

Join us in Richmond, BC, October 23, 2015 for BCTELA Annual Conference “Story and the Landscapes of Learning.” We invite you to submit a conference proposal that explores some of the many dimensions of story as the landscape of learning and knowing–story as literary and informational text, story as cross-disciplinary collaborations, story as multiple literacies and genres, story as memory and identity, story as teacher knowledge and research, story as community and culture, story as marginalization, and story as resistance.

Download and print this proposal form;

BCTELA Conference Proposal 2015


Please submit this program proposal to Kathleen Campbell at by February 22, 2015.


Medicine Walk book club chat: March 8th

Have you picked up your copy of Medicine Walk#bctelabook club reads Medicine Walk by Richard Wagamese. Winter 2015 by Richard Wagamese?  This installment of the BCTELA book club series (#bctelabook) is the first work of fiction we’ve read.  It’s also the first time we’ve cast the invitation to participate beyond our membership.
We are excited to see who all joins us for the main discussion on Twitter.

Sunday, March 8th has been selected for the Twitter chat for our book club chat.  As usual, we will be using the hashtag #bctelabook.  We will all meet online at 11am and chat until 12noon.

If this is your first Twitter chat experience and would like some information beforehand, there are a number of tutorials on youtube, or you can contact us for some support.

Medicine Walk is rich with imagery and topics that will generate thoughtful discussion.  Sometimes a Twitter chat is not a forum that encourages deep and thoughtful consideration, at least not in real-time.  In order to honour Wagamese’s work, as well as those of us who are verbal and/or aural processors, members of the BCTELA executive will be hosting an in-person book discussion from 9:30-11:00 on March 8th, directly preceding the Twitter chat. If you’d like to join us for a face-to-face chat about Medicine Walk we will meet at a coffee shop near the intersection at Main & Broadway in Vancouver. (Specific location tba)

We hope that some of you around the province might consider hosting a similar gathering, either before or after the Twitter chat on Sunday March 8th. If you want to meet other book clubbers at a spot in your community, let us know and we will help get the word out. (Use the contact us page or tweet us @BCTELA)

BYO Book Club!

This year, your BC English Language Arts Professional Specialist Association is adding a new book club – a BYOB club! We chose Medicine Walk. One focus for our group in the coming months is place-based learning. In the spirit of literature from our territory, we offer Richard Wagamese’s novel, set in the interior of BC. Watch this space as we will reveal more details about the twitter talks we’ll have in March.

Buy the book now, and we’ll talk soon.

2013/14 Voices Visible Contest Winners – Poetry

Congratulations to all the wonderful young writers that submitted their work to our contest. Here is the list of winners in the poetry category for this year. Thanks as well to the teachers that support our Voices Visible contest, including the volunteer educators that participate in all aspects of the production of the book!

  • Timmy Yang, Grade 2. Spawning Salmon. Teacher: Don Blazevich, Burnaby.
  • Ellie Carr, Grade 2. I am From. Teacher: Don Blazevich, Burnaby.
  • Jonathan Xiong, Grade 2. Raining Weather. Teacher: Don Blazevich, Burnaby.
  • Henri Yan, Grade 2.The Last Day of a Salmon’s Life. Teacher: Don Blazevich, Burnaby.
  • Brodie Bailey, Grade 2. Beginning of Life. Teacher: Don Blazevich, Burnaby.
  • Zee He, Grade 3. Cherry Blossoms. Teacher: Don Blazevich, Burnaby.
  • Danielle Shouldice, Grade 3. Bumble Bee, Teacher: Don Blazevich, Burnaby.
  • Gabriel Motea, Grade 3. Where are the Tresures of Bees? Teacher: Don Blazevich, Burnaby.
  • Gabriel Motea, Grade 3. Adult Salmon. Teacher: Don Blazevich, Burnaby.
  • Ella GoGrade 3. Alevin Stage. Teacher: Don Blazevich, Burnaby.
  • Mobena Kyaw, Grade 3. Spawning Salmon. Teacher: Don Blazevich, Burnaby.
  • Hikari Asaoka, Grade 5. Sun. Teacher: Celia Brogan, Vancouver.
  • Jaclyn Riddell, Grade 7. Little Maple Tree. Teacher: Celia Brogan, Vancouver.
  • Jaclyn Riddell, Grade 7. Shadows.Teacher: Celia Brogan, Vancouver.
  • Jaclyn Riddell, Grade 7. Music From the HeartTeacher: Celia Brogan, Vancouver.
  • Naomi Toma, Grade 7. Starry Stars. Teacher: Celia Brogan, Vancouver.
  • Erin Usher, Grade 7. Magic. Teacher: Karen Todd, North Vancouver.
  • Erin Usher, Grade 7. The Fishy Box. Teacher: Karen Todd, North Vancouver.
  • Heidi Doner, Grade 7. Imperfections. Teacher: Mrs. Moore, Duncan.
  • Naomi Onstad, Grade 8. Maybe. Teacher: Teacher: Pamela Smith, Burnaby.
  • Elizabeth Wignall, Grade 8. Teenagers. Teacher: J. Nixon, Victoria.
  • Kane Cruz, Grade 8. Blue. Teacher: Teacher:Pamela Smith, Burnaby.
  • Shaina Rowand, Grade 8. Depression. Teacher: Mrs. N. Hryciuk, Langley.
  • Janel Munro, Grade 8. Guitar Lune. Teacher: Mrs. N. Hryciuk, Langley.
  • Alexandrea Pont, Grade 8. Self Portrait. Teacher: Mrs. N. Hryciuk, Langley.
  • Jacob Thom, Grade 9. The Alpha Wolf. Teacher: Susan Stenson, Victoria.
  • Alison Neale, Grade 9. Butterflies. Teacher: Susan Stenson, Victoria.
  • Anna Leach, Grade 9. Rowing. Teacher: Susan Stenson, Victoria.
  • Jaedyn Howe, Grade 9. Before a Cup of Coffee. Teacher: Susan Stenson, Victoria.
  • Jaedyn Howe, Grade 9. Prairie Highway, Young Girl. Teacher: Susan Stenson, Victoria.
  • Emma Reader-Lee, Grade 9. Iceberg. Teacher: Susan Stenson, Victoria.
  • Michelle Illing, Grade 9. Yhite and Wellow. Teacher: Ms. Sampson, Victoria.
  • Erin Libera, Grade 9. Speed. Teacher: Ms. Sampson, Victoria.
  • Eyanna Moore, Grade 9. Hidden SinsTeacher: Vickie Milne, Victoria.
  • Kyle Lee, Grade 9. So Far, So Powerful. Teacher: Vickie Milne, Victoria.
  • Julie Norton, Grade 9. Trapped. Teacher: Vickie Milne, Victoria.
  • Skyler Watson, Grade 9. Frozen Tears of an Angel. Teacher: Vickie Milne, Victoria.
  • Chase Johnstone, Grade 9. Earth. Teacher: Ms. Sampson, Victoria.
  • Shaye Tudor, Grade 9. Deep Underneath. Teacher: Vickie Milne, Victoria.
  • Brynn McNeely, Grade 9. Nobody Knows. Teacher: Vickie Milne, Victoria.
  • Jay Creasey, Grade 9. Black Sunshine. Teacher: Vickie Milne, Victoria.
  • Jacob Branton, Grade 9. Manhattan Skyline. Teacher: Vickie Milne, Victoria.
  • Tyler Termehr, Grade 9. Pantoum Poem. Teacher: Vickie Milne, Victoria.
  • Taylor Collombin, Grade 9. Suffocating. Teacher: Susan Stenson, Victoria.
  • Lauren Montgomery-Stinson, Grade 9. Recollection. Teacher: Vickie Milne, Victoria.
  • Sarah Darcel, Grade 9. Homeless. Teacher: Vickie Milne, Victoria.
  • Matteo Ferraresso, Grade 10. The last gasp of the pine. Teacher: Ms. Ferreira, Burnaby.
  • Helen Luo, Grade 10. Before They Came. Teacher: Joanna Panas, Richmond.
  • Janina Ritzen, Grade 10. A Song of Life and Love. no teacher name, Surrey.
  • Mia Dunbar, Grade 10. No food means no money. Teacher: Brooke Haller, Ashcroft.
  • Antonia Frappell, Grade 10. When I Lost My Lucky Stars. Teacher: Susan Stenson, Victoria.
  • Mitchell Hughes, Grade 10.Triathlon. Teacher: Susan Stenson, Victoria.
  • Reid Lukaitis, Grade 10. Faded Photograph. Teacher: Susan Stenson, Victoria.
  • Prabhjit Bhangu, Grade 10. The Fallen Mother. Teacher: Susan Stenson, Victoria.
  • Abby Vidal, Grade 10. A Lifetime of Fears. Teacher: Susan Stenson, Victoria.
  • Elaha Anwary, Grade 10. In My Mother’s Land. Teacher: Pamela Smith, Burnaby.
  • Katrina Baker, Grade 11. Asteria. Teacher: Mrs. Wieler, Chilliwack.
  • Cassidy Harms, Grade 11. Fine China and Mushy Peas. Teacher: Mrs. Wieler, Chilliwack.
  • Cassidy Harms, Grade 11. The Place Where Coats Soar. Teacher: Mrs. Wieler, Chilliwack.
  • Hayley McMillan, Grade 11. Perplexities. Teacher: Iain Fisher,Surrey.
  • Emma Sibble,  Grade 11. Letter of Love. Teacher: Angela MacPherson, Chilliwack.
  • Anna Gorby, Grade 11. Computer Class. Teacher: Angela MacPherson, Chilliwack.
  • Anna Gorby, Grade 11. I Hear Black Creek Singing. Teacher: Angela MacPherson, Chilliwack.
  • Anna Gorby, Grade 11. The History of the Smile. Teacher: Angela MacPherson, Chilliwack.
  • Anna Gorby, Grade 11. Relationships. Teacher: Angela MacPherson, Chilliwack.
  • Celina Phillips, Grade 11. “Mirror Image”. Teacher: Kyla Haddon, Sicamous.
  • Meghan Jackson, Grade 11. The Salad. Teacher: Susan Stenson, Victoria.
  • Nick Scholz, Grade 11. My Grandfather’s Tie. Teacher: Kimberly Tait, Victoria.
  • Nick Scholz, Grade 11. Christmas in Victoria.Teacher: Kimberly Tait, Victoria.
  • Emily Jordon, Grade 11. Spring Cleaning. Teacher: Kimberly Tait, Victoria.
  • Kyus Hicks, Grade 11. Memorial Park in the Rain. Teacher: Terence Young, Victoria.
  • Sophie Butterfield, Grade 11. Braids. Teacher: Terence Young, Victoria.
  • Michelle Song, Grade 11. Fortune Teller. Teacher: Terence Young, Victoria.
  • Michelle Song, Grade 11. Posterity. Teacher: Terence Young, Victoria.
  • Sophie Butterfield, Grade 11. Selfie. Teacher: Terence Young, Victoria.
  • Michelle Song, Grade 11. Busker by the Monastery. Teacher: Terence Young, Victoria.
  • Sophie Butterfield, Grade 11. Banana Bread. Teacher: Terence Young, Victoria.
  • Queenie Zhang, Grade 11. Berth 5. Teacher: Terence Young, Victoria.
  • Queenie Zhang, Grade 11. Eve. Teacher: Terence Young, Victoria.
  • Rachel Klassen, Grade 11. Broken Inside. Teacher: Kelley Inden, Fort St. James.
  • Rhiannon Gammon, Grade 11. Grandma’s Hands. Teacher: Kelley Inden, Fort St. James.
  • Cheyenne Sabo, Grade 11. A Poem About Bullying. Teacher: Kelley Inden, Fort St. James.
  • Holly Moniz, Grade 11. A Toonie is Too Much. Teacher: Susan Stenson, Victoria.
  • Emma Smith, Grade 11. Jewels on the Wing. Teacher: Susan Stenson, Victoria.
  • Alexandra Santos, Grade 11. “is it cheating if”. Teacher: Susan Stenson, Victoria.
  • Mia Brooker, Grade 11. Truth behind Vampires. Teacher: Susan Stenson, Victoria.
  • Luke Collombin, Grade 11. Things I Can’t Take Credit For. Teacher: Susan Stenson, Victoria.
  • Stephanie Tuck, Grade 11. Training Wheels. Teacher:Susan Stenson, Victoria.
  • Stephanie Tuck, Grade 11. Spice Girls. Teacher: Susan Stenson, Victoria.
  • Cecilia Shang, Grade 11. New Year’s Eve Cruise. Teacher: Terence Young, Victoria.
  • Cecilia Shang, Grade 11. Zeng Xiangshu:The East is Red. Teacher: Terence Young, Victoria.
  • Bryn MacDonald, Grade 11. Death by BMW. Teacher: Susan Stenson, Victoria.
  • Claudia Kobetitch, Grade 11. What The Experts Say. Teacher: Regina Melczer, Coquitlam.
  • Tova Durden, Grade 11. The Low Road. Teacher: Colin Cameron, Vancouver.
  • Tova Durden, Grade 11. Guess Who Doesn’t Give a Damn. Teacher: Colin Cameron, Vancouver.
  • Halie Thibodeau, Grade 11. How a Feather Falls. Teacher: Mrs. Wieler, Chilliwack.
  • Royce Sam and Daniel DeMerchant, Grade 12. Who Will We Blame. Teacher: Kelley Inden, Fort St. James.
  • Andrew Kowalchuk, Grade 12. I Do. Teacher: Kyla Hadden, Eagle River Secondary, Sicamous.



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