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The Conference Schedule At-A-Glance

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2 90-minute

2-hour breakout
3 themed
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Featured speaker
David Booth

The Fee Schedule

Thursday Research Pre-Conference – $125.00

Friday – $195

Full Conference (Thursday pm/Friday/Saturday) $275.00

Saturday Institute (only) $125.00

Pre-Service Teacher Fee Schedule

Thursday: $95

Friday: $150

Friday and Saturday: $200

Saturday: $95

Jeffrey D. Wilhelm

wilhelmBCTELA keynote Wilhelm

D. Wilhelm is our Keynote speaker for 2009.

Dr. Wilhelm is a well-known teacher, author, and presenter. His interests include team teaching, co-constructing inquiry-driven curriculum with students, and pursuing teacher research. His recent research agenda includes studying how student reading, writing, and thinking can be supported through the use of art, drama, and technology. Most recently, he studied adolescent boys and their reading, attitudes, aspirations, and the school opportunities available to them for actualizing and performing different ways of being literate. He is particularly interested in supporting the learning of students who are often considered to be reluctant or resistant.

A classroom teacher for fifteen years, Dr. Jeffrey Wilhelm is currently a professor at the Boise State University, where he teaches courses in middle and secondary level literacy. He works in local schools as part of the Professional Development Site Network (PDSN). He is the founding director of the Maine Writing Project and the Boise State writing project.

Thursday Sessions

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The available session materials are linked to the presenters’ names or the numbers next to their names.  Click on the underlined names to view the documents.

Session 1

David Booth ON/ Nippising

GOING GRAPHIC: How do we choose and use Graphic Texts to engage boys and girls?

Conference Abstract

Jill McClay AB/UAlberta

Composing a writing pedagogy: How can/should/do teachers embrace new ways of writing?

Conference Abstract

James Nahachewsky BC/UVic

Falling in horizontal spaces: Building a culture of the page through the screen.

Session 2

Ronda Arab & Clint Burnham BC/SFU

Invigorating the Classroom with Contemporary Approaches to the Study of Literature.

Shelley Stagg Peterson ON/OISE

Issues and Practices in Providing Feedback on Student Writing: Results of Two Research Studies.

Conference Abstract

Lynn Fels BC/SFU

Performative Literacy: Walls Do Not A Prison Make.

Conference Abstract

Session 3

Carl Leggo BC/UBC
Story-telling as Artful and Heartful Research

Conference Abstract

Danette Long, Alsu Gilmetdinova 1 2 & Lisa Eckert Montana/ Montana State University

“How Should I Say This?” Critical Awareness of Code Switching and the Hybrid Discourse of Teaching?

Conference Abstract

Theresa Rogers BC/UBC

Infusing contemporary literary theories in the classroom: Deepening the conversation with students across texts and grades.

Conference Abstract

Friday Morning Sessions

The available session materials are linked to the presenters’ names.  Click on the underlined names to view the documents.

Reading Power – A Practical Approach to Comprehension Instruction in the Elementary Grades.
Adrienne Gear/ Vancouver, BC

How do Story Vines Engage Students in Thoughtful Questioning about Text?
Marlene McKay/ U of A

Picture books, Drama, Music, Art and More: Writing With and Beyond Words
Kari-Lynn Winters/ UBC

Why Are Exemplars Your Best Resource To Improve Student Writing?
Graham Foster/ Calgary, AB

Teaching Poetry Writing Across the Curriculum.
Shelley Stagg Peterson/ OISE/University of Toronto

Middle Level Mosaic Round Tables
Faye Brownlie
Carol Jago

Nicole Widdess (Document one, and two)
Marty McCririck
Carol Walters
Graham Foster
Deidre Bjorson
Melissa O’Byre
Daryl Stevens

Integrating Young Adult Literature in to Other Disciplines: What Books Work in Other Classes?
Crag Hill/ Washington State University

A Life beyond the Novel Study? In Inquiry Approach into Teaching High School English.
Marzena Michalowska/ SFU

Offering and Assessing Choice Without Creating a Monster
Teresa Watson/ Fort Simpson, NT

Jazz Street Vancouver – Art as Vehicle for Hope
Mehjabeen Datoo/ Richmond, BC
Jeremy Hepner/ Teachers College Columbia University, New York

Fall 2009

Friday Afternoon Sessions
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We are adding to this page.  If you don’t see the materials you are looking for, check back soon …

The available session materials are linked to the presenters’ names (or the numbers next to their names).  Click on the underlined names to view the documents.

Helping Students Develop Powerful Questions
Lori Druissi/ Burnaby, BC

Questions that Lead to Learning
Thompson Owens/ Winnipeg, MB

Using Talk Structures to Stimulate Questioning, Inference-Making, Reflective Thinking and Ownership for Learning.
Susan Close/ New Westminster, BC
Tammy Renyard/ Cowichan, BC
Ingrid Fawcett/ Victoria, BC

Strategies with Literature Circles
Kathy Panteleo/ Richmond, BC

How Can We Help Students Become Effective Readers of Non-fiction?
Dave Leochko/ Winnipeg, MB
Tom Rossi/
Winnipeg, MB

The Bell Never Rings: Creating an Asynchronous Learning Community.
Matt Rosati/ Maple Ridge, BC

Secondary Matters Round Tables
Leyton Schnellert
Jill McClay
Carl Leggo
Beverly Chin

Krista Ediger
Starleigh Grass
Deidre Bjornson
Rick Chambers 1 2 3 4 5 6
Cindy Miller
Celia Brownrigg
Susan Ma

What’s the Story?
Diane Tullson/ UBC

Graphic Novel Roundtable
Celia Brownrigg/ Vancouver, BC
Susan Ma/ Vancouver, BC

Saturday Sessions

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Institute 1 – Creating Thoughtful Writers
Rick Chambers/Pearson Education Canada 1  2  3  4  5 6
Jill McClay/ U of A
Susan Montebello/ Burnaby, BC
Starleigh Grass/ Lytton, BC

Institute 2: Engaging with Diverse Texts
Beverley Ann Chin/ University of Montana
John Golden/ Portland, Oregon
Sylvia Pantaleo/ UVic
David Booth/OISE,UT/Nipissing U

Institute 3: Asking the Right Questions: Creating Thoughtful Learners
Faye Brownlie/ Richmond, BC
Susan Close/ New Westminster, BC
Sharon Jeroski/ Vancouver, BC
Kathleen Gregory/ UVic/Sooke, BC


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