BCTELA’s Fall 2010 Keynote address will be given by Richard Wagamese:

BOO_Wagamese_2125Richard Wagamese is one of Canada’s foremost Native authors and storytellers.  Working as a professional writer since 1979 he’s been a newspaper columnist and reporter, radio and television broadcaster and producer, documentary producer and the author of seven titles from major Canadian publishers with two new works waiting in the wings.  He also works simultaneously in newspaper, radio and television.

For more information about Richard, including excerpts from one of his books, visit his


Ruth Shagoury:

Teaching a diverse population of children to be writers, readers and active citizens requires fundamental changes in how we approach curriculum development, teaching strategies, and student roles in the classroom.  Ruth will share stories from classrooms where students are provided with creative invitations to become actively participating citizens, where their experiences – and their sense of agency – are at the heart of the curriculum.

Ruth Shagoury teaches new and veteran teachers at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon.  Her passion for working with children keeps her connected to classrooms, collaborating with teachers who serve largely immigrant populations as they investigate student-based approaches to literacy.


Sharon Jeroski:

Is thinking ever more important than doing?  How are key voices and ideas helpful in an increasingly overgrown and tangled forest of demands and advice?

Sharon is a researcher, writer, and speaker with special interest in assessment, English language arts, technology integration, and action research.  She has collaborated on a range of curriculum and assessment resources including the BC Performance StandardsLitearcy in Action, and LiveInk.


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