British Columbia Teachers of English Language Arts (BCTELA) is a Provincial Specialist Association. We are made up of English Language Arts teachers from all over the province of British Columbia and the Yukon Territory. As an affiliate of both NCTE and BCTF, our mandate is to provide support for our members in their practice and professional development.

The BCTELA website promotes our annual conference and its associated presenters or workshops, its activities, journals and contests. We can not provide anyone access to our membership list for privacy reasons, nor do we provide space for individuals or corporations to engage in self promotion, especially for profit.

BCTELA is coordinated by an executive committee but powered by each and every member educator through the province.

BCTELA Executive & Committee Members


President: Kyla Hadden

Past President: Kyle McKillop

Vice President: Celia Brogan

Records Coordinator: Elise Costa

Treasurer: Bryan Gidinski

Conference Co-Chairs: Adrienne McChesney, Sara Cormier  Committee: Amber Norris, Kyle McKillop, Shelley Van Erp, Belinda Chi, Neelam Brach

English Practice: Belinda Chi and Bryan Gidinski     Committee: Elise Costa, Beverly Jones, Shelley Van Erp

Voices Visible Chair: Shannon Daly, Melissa Reeves  Committee: TBA

Website and Social Media: Michelle Miller-Gauthier

You can join the BCTELA PSA online through the BCTF Website HERE.

Constitution 2010


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