We are looking for a few more presenters for BCTELA Oct. 2024 Conference!!!

Conference theme: Practicing Intersectionality: Thriving in Literacy Spaces 

 Please fill out a proposal form (below) by May 15, 2024

Keynote speaker: Michelle Good, writer, poet and lawyer

Thursday night Keynote: Leona Prince, Indigenous Ed leader, Author of ‘Be a Good Ancestor’                                          Image

Date: Thursday eve, & Friday all day October 24th & 25th, 2024

Location: Burnaby Mountain Secondary

Presenter form Here

(use Edge if the link does not give you access in Chrome)


We especially encourage submissions from BIPOC, 2SLGBTQ+, and other voices that have been historically under-represented and marginalized. Thank you again!



2023 Conference Sharing!                     

The following presenters are sharing their slides/documents with you!! Thank you all!! As they get sent to use we will update this site weekly!

Robin Pawlak, Writing & Editing Workshops:

Robin Pawlak Teacher Resources

Sarah Miller:

Reading with Courage Resources (A “shared” Google Folder set so that anyone with the link should have “viewing access” to all the things, which they can then download/copy and edit/customize as they see fit.

Jer Bergstrom, Navi Gosal, James Kim, Niki Robinson, Kyle McKillop:  EFP Workshop

Kyle McKillop: Assessment Is Relational

Kyla Hadden:  BCTELA ELA Resources

Liisa House & Jessica Deitcher:  Circle of Care

Faye Brownlie: BCTELA Intermediate 2023 Faye Brownlie

2022 Conference Presentation Sharing!!

Thank you presenters who have sent us your slides/handouts to share with our members!!

Shannon Daly

Eat this Text

Handouts for Eat this text

Carrie Ellis

Making Shakespeare Relevant

Liz Schulze

Media Matters-Literacy Critical Thinking


Tobey Steeves, Bobbi Loo, Carol-Anne McMillan, Mark McLean, Robyn Ilten-Gee

[activity] ethics in Serial {Sept. 18, 2020} (1)

[activity] ethics in Serial {Sept. 18, 2020}

[NM11] Acknowledgement for Serial {2022}

[plateauing] BCTELA chat re. New Media {October 2022} (1)

[schedule] program of studies {Feb 2022} (1)

[schedule] program of studies {Feb 2022}

[syllabus, p. 1] New Media 11 [JPAS] {January 2022} (1)

[syllabus, p. 1] New Media 11 [JPAS] {January 2022}

BCTELA 2022 – Intro slides BCTELA chat re. New Media {October 2022}

BCTELA Presentation Oct 21 2022

Counternarratives and Hamilton

From Digital Consumption to Digital Invention Toward a New Critical Theory and Practice of Multiliteracies

Social Media Activism Handout ProD 2022A

Faye Brownlie, Gretchen Vogelsang, Michelle Miller-Gauthier

Weaving Poetry & Indigenous Literature




2020 Reboot!

The wisdom & generosity of BC ELA Teacher Amrita Kalsi keeps getting mentions so we decided to re-post the content from her 2020 BCTELA conference presentation!

Here you go BCTELA friends!!!

Eng 12 -1 Post Prov

Eng 12 -2 Planning

Eng 12 -3 Memoir Unit

Eng 12 -4 Podcast Unit

Eng 12 -5 Social Media Unit

Eng 12 -6 Lit Circle Unit

Eng 12 -7 Speech Unit

Eng 12 -8 Final Summative Options

Eng 12 -9 Teams







Scroll below to find presenter slides and docs from our 2021 Conference!

Thank you to the presenters for their generosity in sharing their practices and their presentations!!

Click Here: BCTELA 2021 Conference Brochure  



Alison Atkinson – Investigating Identity- Podcasts

Robyn Ilten-Gee, James Francom, Marc McLean – New Media Critical Digital

Gurjot Bains – Poetry Living While Alive

Kristie Ward – Shaking Up the Summative by K.Ward (Shareable)  &  Summative Standards Based Rubric Sample

Kelley Inden – (most of these are word docs and clicking the link will lead to a window asking you to save them on your computer. Then you will be able to view them) – Teaching Creative Non-Fiction BCTELA, Writing CNF Rubric 2 per page checklist CNF, Basic Definition of Creative Non, Creative non-fiction prompts, Editing and Revision How, Editing and Revision Sheet, List and Links of CNF, Three Column CNF Assessment, Works shared by participants BCTELA 2021 Writerly Moves

Drea Laj – Theme Based English Courses

Faye Brownlie – BCTELA Middle Mosaic-Brownlie 2021

Faye Brownlie – Equity Picture Books Social Justice

Michelle Miller-Gauthier – Story Workshop to Strengthen Oral & Written Lang

Vera Sutton – CREATIVE JOURNALS -Vera Sutton

Barb Turney, Antje Von Seydlitz, Sandra McAulay – Antje and Faye collab lesson; Water Walker Resource List



  1. Hello, For some reason the registration page is not showing up on my laptop. It says the Site Cannot Be Reached. I do not know how to change the Proxy settings. If you have any tips, that would be great. I will keep trying in case there was an internet problem.

    1. Hi Krista!
      Have you tried the instructions we posted in our social media? If you don’t follow us on FB or Twitter, here is what we posted (its a pain, but might work). If nothing works, we can register you from within the site, but that’s a last resort because you have to give us your credit card info. Potential Registration Trouble Solutions:
      Some district wifi connections block the website. If you seem to run into trouble registering from a school computer, try again at home or using data instead of school wifi and use Chrome as your browser.
      1. Clear your cookies from computer/browser and try again
      2. Open the link up in incognito mode (control + shift + n if using google chrome browser)
      3. Try opening it using different internet connections (home wifi, school wifi, or if you have data, try that).
      4. It seems to work best using google chrome as a browser
      We are also noticing that sometimes the website takes 5 or so minutes to load—it shows a wheel constantly spinning. If this is the case, allow it 5+ minutes to load up.
      Good grief right?

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