This list was started by Susan Ma and Celia Brownrigg. It is meant to be open-ended and we hope it will enjoy many contributers.

Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud

– a great book to have. McCloud acknowledges and tears down so many of our prejudices when approaching the graphic novel medium: comics. The explanation of active readership (what goes on the our head when we read a graphic text) is easy to understand and integrate in to planning and instruction. This is an excellent book for a novice in the graphic, or comics, form to start with. It is written in the comics medium which facilitates McCloud’s descriptions of the graphic form as well as subliminally reinforces the stance that “comics” is a medium suited to many types of content; don’t mistake it as simply the message (sorry Marshall). This resource is a must-read for any teacher considering using graphic novels or other comics in class.


Panel Discussion: Design In Sequential Art Storytelling

Interviews with Masters of the Craft! What’s talking about graphic
novels without talking to the creators and storytellers? The
interviews are very insightful.


Graphic Novels in Your Media Library Center by Allyson and Barry Lyga

This resource is notes from a teacher-librarian in the USA who uses graphic novels in her classroom. The Lygas’ variety of grade coverage is good, covering grades two through ten, as well as their cultural coverage of both “eastern” and “western” graphic novels. Check out their activity ideas too!


In Graphic Detail by David Booth and Kathy Gould Lundy

This resouce is exclusivly available to educators through Scholastic Education. The approach in this book is particular to using comics in classroom activities. While some of the examples used could be better, both authors are well-known educators and have great experience working with Canadian teachers and librarians.

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