Embracing Equity in Text: The Power of Mode and Perspective (Call for Articles)

In line with the BCTELA Fall 2021 conference theme, English Practice invites you to submit teaching ideas, classroom inquiries and practice-focused research, reflective and critical narratives, poems, fiction and other artsbased renderings, or book reviews for our upcoming issue.

Entitled Embracing Equity in Text: The Power of Mode and Perspective this issue encourages us to think about the texts we bring into our classroom, in teaching English Language Arts.

Guiding questions may include:

How can we build a safe and inclusive classroom community by the choice of texts we share with our students?

How are the texts we use, reflective of the students in our classes?

How can we encourage ourselves and our colleagues to explore texts from diverse backgrounds and voices?

What kinds of modes and perspectives are important to bring into our English Language Arts classrooms when fostering an equitable environment for our students?

How do we support our students, as they find their voices and share their perspectives?

We have four sections to assist you in preparing and submitting your writing:

Teaching Ideas (classroom lessons and strategies)

Investigating our Practice (teacher inquiry)

Salon (literary & arts-based pieces)

Check this Out (book reviews)

Submissions can be emailed to:


Deadline: April 15th, 2022. Anticipated publication Fall 2022.

Editors: Belinda Chi, Elise Costa, Bryan Gidinski

If you would like to circulate this to your colleagues, click here for a poster in pdf form:

English Practice Call for Articles Poster 2022

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