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English Practice is the journal of BCTELA. We publish contributions on all facets of language arts learning, teaching, and research, focusing on the intermediate, middle and secondary grades (4-12).

We are now accepting articles & ideas for our next issue of English Practice! Download the information here & get ready to submit by Feb. 1, 2020

Download (PDF, 657KB)

Download (PDF, 657KB)


Pieces are organized by issue but are also tagged to help you search by key concept.  To view the current issue and past issues click here.

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Voices Visible

2019-20 Voices Visible Student Writing Contest!

Our entry forms for the upcoming school year (2019-20) are now available! Soon it will be time to start thinking about what will inspire student writing.

Download this form so you don’t forget to enter! Details & rules are outlined on the entry form.

Download (DOCX, 56KB)


The Voices Visible writing contest is open to all students in BC from Grades 5 to 12.
This contest is free to enter for students of current BCTELA members. Contest entries
must be submitted by a BCTELA member who has paid their annual PSA fee.

All entries must be received by April 30, 2020.



  1. I forgot to send my address last year, when I won 2 entries. I was not sent a copy. I’m wondering if someone can tell me the correct email to contact. Thanks.

    1. Hi Ruby. Thanks for your question! I sent you an email about the Voices Visible question you had in the feedback section. Did you win more than the Voices Visible?

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