Different teachers teach in different ways for different students at different times. Below are some of the ways we teach. If you don’t see your favourite sites, contact us and share them!

Differentiated Instruction

Core Learning Resources
Core Learning Resources sells First Peoples books to schools at a discounted price. They have a selection of over 800 books, including packages such as high interest theme-book strategies, ERAC approved First Peoples novels, levelled readers sets, and course materials for English First Peoples 10/11/12. Core Learning Resources can visit communities to do book displays or literacy consulting.


Literature Studies
LitTunes addresses the effectiveness of teaching a whole-class novel and provides lesson plans that link canonical works of literature with popular music. The site is an educational outreach directed by Dr. Christian Z. Goering, assistant Professor of Secondary English/Literacy Education at the University of Arkansas.

Social Justice

Teaching for Peace
The Teaching for Peace Website is a project of the Burnaby Teachers Social Justice Committee. The Social Justice Committee seeks to develop classroom friendly materials on social justice and environmental issues. In this project, we have linked a wide range of peace websites as resources according to theme that could be used by educators to nurture a culture of peace and social justice in the classroom. Generally, the themes concern peace as they relate to ending war and global conflict.

Twinkle’s Happy Place
Starleigh Grass’ blog is a powerful example of a teacher reflecting on her classroom experience.¬† She has many links to a variety of resources.

FNESC Anti-Racism Toolkit: Educational Activities for Use in Workshops and Classrooms
This toolkit includes activities which use co-operative learning, dramatizations, and experiential learning to help students understand concepts such as discrimination, prejudice, and racism. Activities include Classroom Rights and Responsibilities, Hypnosis (role playing activity), Same and Difference (activity celebrating classroom diversity), Roots and Routes (genealogy activity), Diversity Bingo, Defining Stereotype/Prejudice/Discrimination, Cultural Bag Activity, The Unfortunate Case of Mr. Christie (case study on racism in Canada), The Nigel Howard Case Study (ableism in Canada), Heads and Shoulders Knees and Toes (language barriers), Words that Hurt, Looking for a Place to Live, Human Rights in British Columbia, and Positive Role Models in the Classroom.

The Student Teachers Anti-Racism Society (STARS) promotes anti-racism education at the University of Saskatchewan in the College of Education. We work collaboratively to understand, identify, and address individual and systemic racism and other interlocking forms of oppression. The blog is an expanding compilation of educational resources designed to help teachers promote social justice issues in Saskatchewan classrooms.

Check our this resource on homelessness for senior high-school teachers!
This resource can be used to help integrate homelessness issues into senior social sciences and humanities courses, including Civics 11, Social Studies 11, Economics 12,
Family Studies 10-12, First Nations 12, Law 12, and Social Justice 12
Written by Jennifer Hales
With academic support from Krishna Pendakur,
Professor of Economics, Simon Fraser University

Digital Literacies 

Web 2.0 Manual for Teachers
This comprehensive fifty-three page manual provides a crash course on what makes Web 2.0 different and how to use a number of Web 2.0 tools in the classroom. Each featured Web 2.0 tool has screenshots showing user interface and lesson ideas. Featured Web 2.0 tools include Penzu, Voxopop, Listen and Write, Dvolver Moviemaker, 280 Slides, Eyeplorer, Wordle, TokBox, Forvo, ESL Video, and Wallwisher.

Hey Jude
Judy O’Connell’s blog focuses on emerging technology and its applications for K-12 education.

Lesson Planning

UBD Lesson Planning
Grant Wiggins, co-author of Understanding by Design (UbD), is involved in Authentic Education.

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