Hello wonderful BCTELA members, BCTELA member and Teacher-Librarian, Celia Brownrigg, celebrated Poetry Month with her students by holding a “Poem in my Pocket” contest. She shared her experience with us in haiku form.

Poems in my pocket

I carry around with me

a surprise to share

Celebrating spring

April is poetry month

students are poets

Everyday, a poem

read over the announcements

to start the school day





Poems in your pocket

Students find, write, and share poems:

a way to take part





Every pocket poem

is shared: read aloud to me,

posted publicly

Students may write, share

as many poems as they wish

For poetry month

Last day of the month

a draw from the pocket poems:

excited students

The prize? Poems, of course.

Science poems. Book with CD*

and the winner is….

One grade three student

submitted fifty-plus poems

odds aren’t everything.

A second poem prize,

a special presentation

for prolific poems**

Thoughts upon the end:

a success. Next year: bigger

more poems, kids, places.


How did you celebrate Poetry Month? Share your stories by commenting on this post.

*The Tree That Time Built: A Celebration of Nature, Science, and Imagination (2009) Selected by Mary Ann Hoberman and Linda Winston


** Poem in Your Pocket for Young Poets: 100 poems to rip out and read (2011) by The Academy of American Poets and Bruno Navasky

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